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Have you created a business you can sell, or just a job for yourself?

Most of us get into business because we want to help solve a problem in a way that we think is better than anyone else can do it. 


Most of us don't want to have anyone tell us what to do, when to work or when to go home or limit how much we can make.

In essence, most of us custom create jobs for ourselves.

And that is perfectly ok.

"Entrepreneurs will work 90 hours a week just so they don't have to work 40." Most business owners resign themselves to the idea that they will work as long as they have to and when the time comes, they will just lock up the door one last time and head to the beach to drink margaritas.

And that is perfectly ok.

But most of us care deeply about our clients and students and customers.  You have spent many years building and maintaining relationships.  They depend on you.

Imagine instead of closing your business and leaving them high and dry, you could sell your business to someone who could benefit from your sweat equity.

You get to help someone become a business owner.  Your customers get to continue using the services or products they love.

And you get a payout. (And margaritas on the beach) If this sounds appealing to you, you can start right now by asking yourself with every decision:

Does this get me closer to a sellable business?

Can you DIY this?


But do you want to?

Image by Brooke Cagle

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